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Crestie and axolotls.

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Crestie and axolotls. Empty Crestie and axolotls.

Post by Ska on Sat Dec 15, 2012 3:34 pm

Hey guys, I have one phenomenal looking male crested gecko. He is a little over a year and still has his tail. He is also a tiger morph. Anyway I'd like to get about $100 for him with a cage. Now to the axolotls. I have a gorgeous pair of axolotls one is male the other female (oooh ;D) they are just normal colored (black) I'd like to get $40 for the pair and I'll include a 10 gallon filter as well. I will ship but local pick-up is preferred. Oh, and I also have a 12x12x12 Exo-Terra that I'd be willing to make look all pretty for any reptile you want whether it be aboreal, tropical, desert, ground dwelling I've got it all. I'll accept trades for the exo-terra and axolotls.
I'm new to this forums obviously so I don't know how to post pictures Embarassed but if you send me an PM with you number or email I could send you photos. (Sorry for all the inconvenience but it wont let me post my email) No


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