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not eatin or drinkin!!!!

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not eatin or drinkin!!!! Empty not eatin or drinkin!!!!

Post by specialboy3007 on Sat Aug 25, 2012 10:02 pm

ok,so i just got Mittens 6 days ago and i hve not seen him eat or drink or go to the bathroom. Also his feet arnt sticky like they should be. Pleaseeee help!!! Shocked


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not eatin or drinkin!!!! Empty Re: not eatin or drinkin!!!!

Post by toadali on Wed Feb 20, 2013 4:35 pm

If he's only been with you a few days he may not have destressed enough to want to eat yet. Also, it took a long time before I actually got to see my cresty eating. They can be shy about it, but you can check the dish in the morning to see if they ate at all. Also, reptiles just don't need to eat a lot so maybe between the stress of the move and having eaten recently she is just not hungry. Keep an eye on her and see if it changes. As for the water - how are you giving it to her? The best way to have a gecko drink is by spraying down their enclosure and letting them lick the water off of leaves, walls, and themselves. The skin should be fine unless the humidity is extremely low, or its about the shed. Make sure there is a little moisture in there - spraying down the cage twice a daily is normally enough though.


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