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Crestie Blind In One Eye? HELP!!

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Crestie Blind In One Eye? HELP!!

Post by ashbamserenity on Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:29 pm

Hi there, I've posted a question before regarding my geckos mating or not but I also have another question. I currently have two cresties, a female & a male. I purchased my male first and he was on his own in his tank since I got him until he turned a year and two months old. About two months ago (before I got the female) I noticed his right eye in the pupil is cloudy. Almost looks like cataracts. He still dilates it & reacts to light so I am ASSUMING he can see, he hasn't had problems eating or tussling with the female so no issues there. He sheds regularly and there is no skin attached to this eye. I have a picture to help show you what I am talking about. Any ideas what it could be? Also how can I fix it? I would take him to a vet but so far I have no luck finding a vet who will look at crested geckos. Any ideas?????


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