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Rahamuth.. Empty Rahamuth..

Post by craniomom1 on Fri Jul 05, 2013 9:48 pm

Rahamuth.. Rahamuth

Hello everyone,my name is Martha and this is my son's crestie Rahamuth.We purchased him a couple of weeks ago at a reptile show here in PA.Rahamuth is our first crestie but far from our first reptile.We also have my 10 year old eastern box turtle,my hubby's 8 month old beardie and I rescued a year old beardie last month.Not really sure how old he is only that when we bought him he weighed 13.5 grams.I belong to forums on all the above so I thought I better find a good one for cresties too especially since beardies and corn snakes and boxies are what I know..Thanks for letting us join..




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