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Crested Gecko help***

Post by fernalfer on Sun Jun 16, 2013 3:46 pm

Ok i have owned many reptiles in the past but never one that had strict Humidity requirements so here is my question.

I have read that the Crested gecko is nocturnal and comes alive at night. Now i have also read for this reason there light should be off at night. How do you keep humidity up at night when there is no heat source helping to cause evaporation. Right before bed the Geckos Humidity level is around 70% but when i shut light off and wake up in the morning it is around 30%. The temp in my house is 72 degrees and he has a heating pad under tank. By the way it is a ten gallon regular tank setup.

I guess my whole issue is with the humidity and how to keep it up at night when everyone says they really need it while awake. Actually keeping it up in general is hard but how do you maintian it at night?

Please help. Thanks.


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Re: Crested Gecko help***

Post by ashbamserenity on Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:11 pm

I had the same issue a while ago when I first purchased my gecko. I also had a heating pad under the tank like you do now. I suggest take the heating pad off. Crested geckos do not need any REAL source of heat, they are usually pretty good with room temperature and are used to the temperature dropping at night time quite a bit. As for humidity since my house tends to get dry, I mist in the morning and at night, I also keep a little food dish filled with water (not too much since they can drown) and this also evaporates after a while and helps to keep it humid inside the tank. My tank is actually a ten gallon like yours as well so this is what has worked for me. Now my humidity levels stay at about 70% or higher depending on the day. It is the heating pad that is causing it to become dry instead of humid in the tank. You CAN have a light source if you would like, as long as it is below 40 watts since you do not want to overheat them since they'll die. I also recommend keeping the light off the top part of the tank and just suspend it so it doesn't get too hot at the top of the tank for them. I currently have a less than 40 watt night time bulb in just so I can see my little guys at night, and I have a screen that I built above my tank to hold the light above the lid instead of right on top of it. Hope this helped!!!


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