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New Crestie owner!

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New Crestie owner!

Post by Drew1405 on Sun Apr 28, 2013 1:24 pm

Well since I just bought my first ever reptile (a Crested Gecko) today I thought this would be a great place to sign up to so I can get all the info I need over the coming years with my new little friend! Smile

No idea of the exact age of the Crestie (I only know it's very young) or the sex but I read that you can tell after 8-12 months. So no name for it yet either but I might just pick something unisex! lol!

I have him (I seem to have a habit already of just saying it's a him!) set up in his new vivarium and he is currently sleeping out in the open which I thought was strange but since this is a whole new place to him and all his friends that he was with in the pet shop have gone he may just feel a little out of sorts. Amazing to see how they sleep with their eyes open since having no eyelids! lol! Also noticed you can barely see them breathe when asleep but I've read this is normal?


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