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Post by Salmon McArdle on Tue Apr 02, 2013 9:47 pm

Hello All.

I'm new to the forum. Looking for a forum that is pretty active and has what I'm looking for. Saw some good information here and looks as if it keeps pretty busy here.

Anywho, got my first crested gecko a few weeks ago and am getting another next week. Guess the addiction hit. I have researched cresteds for about 10 years now since I was around 15. The parents didn't want anything to do with them so I had to wait until I got out and was financially able to care for one.

A little bit about me. Been working since I was about 12 recently went back to college to get my 4 year degree and a better job for a career. Worked 6 years for Pepsi, tried to move up but there was no room I guess and went my separate way. Have about 2 years to go and pretty much have hated school the whole way, but I figure that's pretty standard. Whoever likes going to school is a crazy person.

That said, hello everyone and hopefully my journey on here is a good one. Looking forward to getting some good information and some feedback from everyone in the future.
Salmon McArdle
Salmon McArdle

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