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Post by toadali on Wed Feb 20, 2013 3:52 pm

I've had my cresty for about 3 years now and this winter I noticed her get extremely lethargic and almost stop eating all together. I was extremely concerned but after talking to a bunch of reptile and one specifically crested experts I was content to believe that this was normal because apparently after about 3 years they start going into a quasi-hibernation state every winter. So I kept an eye on her and tried to keep her habitat perfect - but I had a major issue with keeping the humidity at an acceptable level for a while there. Anyway, to my point: A few weeks ago I noticed that her elbows on both forelimbs were swollen on both sides of the joint. I did some research and decided it was probably metabolic bone disease that might be becoming an issue because she has not been eating, so I started hand feeding her and supplementing her gecko diet with extra calcium. I thought things were improving as the swelling in her left elbow has gone down significantly BUT now her right elbow is MUCH worse AND her right hand seems to have multiple swollen lumps, and her left hand has some swelling as well. She sat in some food I put in her cage for a day and a couple of days later she actually moved (she has not been doing a lot of that on her own) over to the water dish I let water drip into - mostly for humidity but also as backup water in case she misses drinking during one of her 2 misting per day. Also, she's been having worse and worse issues shedding to the point where she doesn't even seem to bothered when I help her anymore. The other things that made me really nervous the other day is that 1) she let me flip her onto her back without dispute for a long time, and 2) her underside looked like it was almost mildewy. I helped rid her of most of the skin because she needed to shed, but I still don't feel the colouration is back to normal. Oh, and 3) her cloaca seems bothered. It's a darker colour and seems a little more moist than normal. Anyway - what do you think? Metabolic bone disease? Cancer? I was even thinking it could be a fungal infection...? And what can I do? So far my hand feeding has been going well but she's been eating less and less. I am posting images from today and 2 days ago. Can't post pics cause I am not allowed because I'm new. Thank you to anyone with some insight!!


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