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My new gecko! Any advice?

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My new gecko! Any advice?

Post by showard on Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:37 am

Just got a crested gecko at the reptile expo! He's just a baby about 2 inches long and is living in a 10 gallon tank, there are plants and things to climb and hide under and when he's bigger I'll get an exo terra rainforest for him. Paper towels for substrate. I got the repahsy food for him, temp ~71 on the cool side, ~78 on the warm side. I also picked up a Monsoon system for moisture (he can share that with my dumpy tree frog). Anything else I need? I'd like to get more hookups for the monsoon, one nozzle isn't enough for the tree frog's enclosure. Where can I get them and what do I need to buy? So does anyone have any words of wisdom? Thanks!


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