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Post by dev200 on Fri Jan 04, 2013 4:52 am

Hello all,

My names Mike, I'm new to this forum and keeping Crestie's. I havn't actually got one yet but will be hopefully getting one soon. I'm getting rid of the Marine tank and it will go in its place. I have wanted one for ageees but only just really started looking into them. Been doing my research on them and held one at the weekend and deffinatly what I want Very Happy.

I have kept all sorts in the past, you name it we have probably had it lol so the world of reptiles isn't new to me.
Would eventually like to start breeding them too.

There is just too many types too choose from.
Does anyone know of any good private breeders which have different types which could possibly be local to Birmingham?

Cheers guys.



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