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Post by kazaz0405 on Thu Dec 20, 2012 10:33 am

Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum and was hoping to get some guidance while here. I own many reptiles and included among those are 5 crested geckos. I've had my oldest gecko just under 3 years and decided this year I want to attempt to breed. I'm not breeding for profit though. I'm breeding because I think mine has some really cool coloring and patterns/lack of patterns. I would wind up keeping the ones that come out dazzling and the others would go to a few family members and friends who have shown interest. I was hoping if I post some pictures of my cresties both normal and fired up that you guys would be able to help me identify the traits and stuff. I've only ever kept them as pets and would only get the ones that I though "looked" cool lol. That's what you do with pets right? Well anyway, I will start another thread (though not sure under what topic) with pictures of all of them. I was also wondering if there is a such thing as a "Dwarf" crestie. I have a pair of sisters (clutchmates) that were both hatched November 2010. They have the same diet, eat about the same amount, and their habitats are the same but there is a very noticeable size difference. I'll post pictures of them too. Thanks everyone and hello again Very Happy


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