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Shy Crestie.?????

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Shy Crestie.?????

Post by jak 48 on Tue Oct 30, 2012 4:38 pm

I have read many instructions,looked at many forums,prior to purchasing my crested gecko. Everyone was raving about these being great! I must admit,i am at the moment a bit unsure if this is true.My crestie does not show face when even a table lamp 20 feet away from the vivarium,is on. It will only come out in complete darkness or when the viv night glow light is on only. I am hoping this is only temporary,as he is new,only had him a week,and that he may eventually come out in low lighting,ie table lamp. If it is the case they will only come out in complete darkness then i don't think i would keep him.Not much point having a reptile you don't see much. Anybody got any ideas? I would appreciate feedback on this.

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