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Hey All! A different kind of hello :) & message to admin

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Hey All! A different kind of hello :) & message to admin

Post by SimplyCornSnakes on Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:04 am

Hey everyone, has any of you guys and gals got corn snakes? want to talk about them? share photos, experiences, knowledge, & meet like minded people. them join my forum too!! hopefully my forum and the crested gecko forum will become sister sites Smile
<< link is under my user profile

Hey vicky!

Im going to start of by saying i love your site!! layout is great and love the subject of your site too
Im just messaging you as i have just created a forum with forumotion but my subject is CORN SNAKES.
feel free to have a look > http ://

I had an idea.. Which could help eachother bring more members to our forums and work together in promotion of eachothers forum by using links to eachothers sites and posts ect... or even give eachother our own sections on eachothers forum with the link to eachothers sites?

these are just a few ideas i thought of.
We will be sister sites?
are you interested?
If so register at http :// and pm me!
I look forward to your reply
note: ive had to put a space between http and :// because i cant post links for 7 days


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