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new gecko!!!!!!! but small tank

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new gecko!!!!!!! but small tank Empty new gecko!!!!!!! but small tank

Post by bifkinator on Mon Apr 30, 2012 12:25 pm

so today i just bought a new crested gecko that i have been looking at for a few days now and i couldn't resist buying him. but i put him in my zoo med 12x12x18 with my other two geckos Booger and Mocha who are a few months older than him.

my question is, should i keep him in there for a little bit so i can get some more money to buy a new cage for him or should i take him out and put him in a krater keeper for now? i only plan on him being in there for maybe 2 weeks max before i can buy or build him his own terrarium. i have TONS of cover for them in there so they probably won't see each other much.

I'm sure its fine but i just want to make sure. i don't want my crested gecko tank to be too crowed.

or another question, can i keep the 3 of them in there until they get bigger and then upgrade the tank size?

any help?


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new gecko!!!!!!! but small tank Empty Re: new gecko!!!!!!! but small tank

Post by geckoman on Wed May 09, 2012 6:18 am

Hi, I hope the new gecko is the only male in there, otherwise you will get trouble! If it is only for a few weeks, I would not see a problem with keeping him with the others. Having said that, since he is a new gecko, you may want to keep him quarantined anyway to make sure he is healthy and well. Since your question is already 10 days or so old, you may as well keep him in there though. Providing enough hiding places, which you have done is the most important thing now...
Good luck with that!


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