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Witnessing the popularity of the Baker model

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Witnessing the popularity of the Baker model

Post by Hollie on Tue Jun 14, 2011 12:30 am

The artisans, carpenters, architects and engineers should be trained in the construction practices using locally available building materials and the minimum use of energy intensive items like cement and steel.  ‘Baker-style building in Kerala designed by Laurie Baker, is characterized by exposed brickwork with the extensive use of Jali work. It obviates the need for windows, thus saving money and providing natural light and ventilation.  Such a design pattern should be adopted for the low cost housing construction.  In recent times this design pattern is getting wide acceptance all over the state.
The construction method popularized by Baker, is the “Rat Trap Bond” method of laying bricks, which provides for a cavity in a regular wall besides saving in bricks and mortar.  It provides a natural insulation against heat and cold.  Similarly in the roofing popularized a “filler slab roof” economy is affected by using reject Mangalore tiles as fillers between reinforcement form.  When considering the boom in Real Estate Kochi is witnessing major developments at lower cost mostly due to the adoption of the ‘Baker model’ of house construction by a major section of the population.
Other distinctive features are the use of arches instead of concrete lintels, doors hinged on iron frames, built in furniture and above all angular shape of rooms and buildings.  The stairs in the building are reinforced with certain types of bamboo, which has the same strength as steel.  By adopting these methods, the Council of Science and Technology for rural Development in Trichur has successfully designed houses for as little as rupees one lakh, and has built houses for economic weaker section with covered areas ranging form 220 to 256 sq ft within Rs.8,200 to Rs.9,000.


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