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STUNNING male and female crested pair, "Greebo" and "Marmite"

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STUNNING male and female crested pair, "Greebo" and "Marmite"

Post by x_firefly_x on Mon Jun 14, 2010 12:26 pm

Hello all,

Sadly to due to continuing personal health issues, I am having to cut down my collection somewhat and as much as this saddens me, it has to be done, for the good of both me and my animals. Unfortunately as much as I love Greebo and Marmite, they are more recent additions and I am just too attached to my others to let them go.

Both are about 2 years old, originally from Global Geckos in Wales, been with me now for about 2/3 months ish. Both had worms when they came to me, but they have both been treated with wormer and I am due to go to the vets tomorrow to get faecal testing done to make sure these are all gone, they will not leave me until they have been given a clean bill of health from the vets!! As a consequence of having the worms, they are both under the weights they should be(will get exact weights later) but they are both now eating like little piggies again on repashy 2 part cgd and starting to put some weight back on. But it means they CAN'T be kept together again yet as they are both nowhere near breeding weight, so need to be kept in separate tanks. They were proven by the last owner though and once up to weight again should produce some pretty babies Smile

Marmite can be a bit jumpy once first out, but settles down after a few minutes. Greebo is seriously the most laid back gecko I have ever seen, doesn't seem to be fazed by much and doesn't seem at all bothered by handling! Smile Erm I think thats about it, but if anyone has anymore questions just ask! Smile

Marmite I am looking for £100 and for Greebo I am looking for £60, for the pair together it will be £150. Pick up from Liverpool or courier at your own arrangement. I can also get to the Doncaster show this weekend if anyone wants them and is going there.

A few pictures below, loads more in my albums on RFUK and if anyone lives nearby they are more than welcome to come see them in person!



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